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| October 13, 2015

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How To Stay “Fresh” For Summer

July 13, 2015 |

You’re going to barbeques every other weekend, birthday parties, random getaways. It can get really tiring after awhile, plus having to find the “right” outfit for the “right” occasion. Right? Well, do you want to know how to stay as fresh as this refreshing lemonade recipe? It’s easy with these summer must haves! Color is everything in summer, the more the merrier. So here’s some color crazy collabs you might want to try.


striped shirtPINEAPPLE FUN

Fun accessories that you can pair with a plain t-shirt and shorts to take it up a notch. How much more tropical can you get than a pineapple clutch? Um…nothing. The classic stripped shirt has an  added pop with a surprise sexy open back. Light pink Bermuda shorts offset the top making color the priority in this outfit. Of course the flip-flop an absolute summer must have.





It’s gonna be a hot one, but in this bohemian style white dress any girl can stay re-freshed from the dog days of summer. Besides you should be wearing as much white as possible, before labor day comes around again. Offset this dress with these vibrant accessories for an added wow factor!


White maxi dress

How to BBQ (aka Be Barbecue Qute)

July 2, 2015 |

Hey Men! We know all you want to do this weekend is lounge by the pool and crack open a can of America’s finest lager. The only “work” you want to do is getting the grill ready to cook up some delicious bbq concoctions. We get it, this weekend is for relaxing and having a good time with good friends eating good food. But this doesn’t mean you can go slacking off in a pair of sweaty basketball shorts and a stained white tee. Freshen up! Do your country, and your lady friend, proud by learning how to BBQ (aka Be Barbecue Qute)!!

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Let’s be honest, blue looks so good on everyone. No matter your skin tone, occasion, whichever. Blue should always be your go-to if you can’t figure out what to wear. A gingham shirt in a small scale helps you not match the picnic linens and a red solo cup in hand will always call for a good time.

– TOMMY BAHAMA Grazie Gingham Camp Shirt
JOHN VARVATOS Flap Pocket Shorts
– ANDREW MARC Empire Loafer







Now, if you’re a guy that can handle his condiments. Be brave and try on a classic crisp white shirt. If you can’t master the proper eating stance to not get barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, etc etc all over yourself, wear this anyway! Dress it down and be pool ready with a pair of printed trunks.

– TOMMY BAHAMA Sea Glass Breezer OR THIS MACEOO Mini Panam Shirt
– TOMMY BAHAMA Naples Napoli Swim Trunks
– COLE HAAN Ginsberg Thong Sandal








6 Easy Fashion Inspired Manicure Ideas To Try With Tutorials

March 28, 2015 |

These days, a perfectly pretty manicure is practically just as important as your outfit. Rihanna loves to show off her one of a kind nail art styles and nail videos pop up everywhere on Instagram and Youtube. Still, sometimes these styles are definitely better left to the professionals! But, if you want an adorable DIY manicure that you can do yourself at home and still make a stylish fashion inspired nail art look, check out these nail videos below. Nails with polka dots (like the Lena Dunham inspired ones below) are the easiest to accomplish but don’t limit yourself there! Try an simple gradient, add some glitter for sparkle or try one of the cool takes on a french manicure.


A photo posted by Victoria Simpson (@vics_nails) on

Video here:


A photo posted by Narmai Nan (@narmai) on

video here:


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Video here:


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Video here:

video here:

Video here:

10 Ways To Wear The Stuart Weitzman Lovefringe Heel

March 28, 2015 |

So we’re pretty much obsessed with the Stuart Weitzman Lovefringe heel. They’ve got just the right mix of sexy boho style. Rock these with your favorite shorts, flirty dresses or ladylike blouses. You just can’t go wrong! Check out these 10 Polyvore fashion sets from fellow Polyvore members to get some major style inspiration. Read More

Drink More Water!

January 22, 2015 |

We are all busy living a hectic life therefore, there are times when we forget to drink adequate amount of water. I admit, there were many times when I have been drinking about three to four cups for the entire day which made me feel more fatigued & physically drained. So, I’ve made an easier way to drink more water and would like to share some tips.

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Water is very essential, indeed. It is preferred that we drink 8-12 cups a day for the body to function properly. Without H2O, our bodies can be damaged in ways we did not know how.


1. Water helps us maintain a normal bowel movement

2. Higher water consumption will prevent from getting kidney stones & heart attacks

3. Dehydration will make your skin look dried and wrinkled. Keep drinking water to make your skin glow and plump

4. Speed up your metabolism by staying hydrated. No, I don’t mean by drinking sugary beverages.

5. Reduce your appetite by drinking more water. According to research, those who consumed more water lost about five pounds more than dieters who did not.




Plain taste of water can be boring and tiring, so why not spike it with some of your favorite fruits, veggies and/or herbs? Better yet, make it on the go with a pretty mason jar. These are some of my favorite recipes that you can try out.


1. Strawberry Basil:

  • 2 Cups fresh strawberries (chopped)
  • 1/2 Cups fresh basil leaves

2. Mango Lime:

  • 1 Ripe mango (chopped)
  • 1 Whole lime (sliced)

3. Blueberry Mint:

  • 2 Cups blueberries
  • 2 Sprigs mint

4. Rosemary Watermelon

  • 2 Cups cubed watermelon
  • 2 Sprigs fresh rosemary

5. Strawberry Lemon & Mint:

  • 2 Cups strawberries (chopped)
  • 1 Whole lemon (sliced)
  • 2 Sprigs mint

Feel free to try those recipes and leave a comment in our comment box below! We would like to hear your thoughts & ideas. And remember, always stay hydrated!










Holiday Gift Ideas

December 9, 2014 |

It’s that time of the year again, time for Christmas tree decorations, Christmas songs all over the radio, holiday shopping, and gift exchanging!  If you can’t decide on the perfect gift for your loved ones, this blog will help you with ideas. Read More

1) Handbags

If you want to impress the girlfriend, wife, mother or your significant other, you cannot go wrong with handbags. Handbags are women’s everyday accessory, whether if it’s Burberry, Tory Burch, Kate Spade,  Michael Kors, etc.. So why not make her jump off her feet with these flirty handbags? Check out our Leenewman website and browse through many different types of bags!

handbags2) Cosmetics

Make-up is a part of women’s daily routine. Women express themselves through the art of cosmetology and being one myself, it wouldn’t hurt having a pretty lipstick or nail polish, or two.


 3) Random

There’s no law saying gifts can’t be random. It can literally be anything, candles, fragrance, jewelry, candy, as long as it comes from the heart. Plus, it’s the thought that counts, right?


I hope this blog was helpful to you. Wish you all good luck and have a happy holiday!



Make the Best Pumpkin Pie for This Fall

October 22, 2014 |

Once again autumn has come, which means it’s pumpkin season! I love looking at carved pumpkins on doorsteps and smelling the delicious smell of pumpkin lattes. My personal favorite are the pumpkin pies. This recipe will not only make you fall in love, but it’s easy as 1-2-3!

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1 can pumpkin puree
1 can condensed milk
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pie crust


Preheat oven 425 degrees
Mix milk, eggs, spices, salt, and the pumpkin puree in a large bowl
Pour into pie crust & bake for 15 minutes
Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees & continue to bake 35-40 minutes
To check to see if its ready, stick a toothpick into the pie. If it comes out clean, it is ready to be eaten
Cool. Add whip cream & enjoy!

Get that LUXE Look in MAGASCHONI Fox Fur Infinity

August 19, 2014 |

This is our second edition of #SHOESDAYTUESDAY. (Missed the first installment? Click Here!) Getting inspiration from Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge, this ensemble has us actually eager for Sweater Weather. Keep it casual and cool, with a touch of glamour. See how you can get that LUXE Look and keep on scrolling!

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Want to get that LUXE Look that is easy and fun all that the same time? Take notes from Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes as she piles on the glamour with fox fur and a fun shoe. While we love the all white look she’s rocking, Labor Day is just around the corner so keep it laid back in a dark wash skinny denim. A classic white shirt can get a little boring.  The Ona Blouse by T Tahari is business in the front and party in the back. Elevating a boring basic with exposed zipper details and mesh panel that has cool girl written all over it.
Keep the fox fur tight or let it hang long. Stack on an arm party. And don’t forget the aviators!

Get the LUXE Look:
T TAHARI Helena Blouse  |  GOLDSIGN Glam Cropped Jean  |  VINCE CAMUTO Florin Sandal

Classic Rayban Aviators  |  MAGASCHONI Cashmere and Fox Fur Infinity Scarf  |  Arm Party!