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| February 8, 2016

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Keeping Our News Years Resolution- Saving Money!

January 26, 2016 |

If saving money was one of your new year resolutions, we have a few tips on how to keep you going strong. If you haven’t started yet or already fell off the horse already,don’t worry it’s never to late to start over again! It’s not as hard as you think either , once you put your mind to saving money it’ll become a healthy habit.

Budget Budget Budget


Use our 2016 technology to your advantage! You’ve probably have a very fancy smart phone with lots of gadgets and tools, why not use it to save money? Keeping receipts to keep track of your spending helps, There’s an app for that! Wonderful news right…right?  There are budgeting apps for your short term and long term goals the choice is yours. Here’s a list of “free” apps you can get started with.

Fine Dinning


The “hardest” suggestion we have on saving money is not eating out everyday. I know it’s painful but your effort will definitely show in your pockets. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life or anything but, buying lunch on your lunch break everyday is a definite “no no”. Packing your lunch is a cheaper and healthier option. Here’s some ideas to make it easier for you.

No Spend Day


A day of no spending can be a kick-starter or a weekly occurrence in order to save money all year long and beyond. Here’s some easy to-do tips you can entwine with your life. Remember, just because you can’t spend money one day, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Tips on fun things to do for free.

Pay Yourself First


No matter what type of income you make , you can always put away money for an emergency or a dream vacation. It only takes will power and patience. If you put away at least $10 from every pay check before you dip in for bills and necessities, you’d be surprised how much you already saved.

Be in Charge


Don’t be afraid to keep track of your account , how can you save money if you don’t know what you have in the bank or what you’re spending? Having a saving account is a must! Having more than one is an even better idea. Here are some tips to get started with your accounts.


Resort Ready 2016 Collection – Men’s Edition

January 21, 2016 |

If you couldn’t tell by the frigid temperatures, winter is here. For most of us on the east coast that means layers of sweaters accessorized with gloves, hats, and scarves. You have to trek through snow to get to your car that is if you can even get out of your house. The wind is so cold it can numb your face with the slightest gust.

It definitely is not an ideal situation of the majority of us. However if your resolution is to travel more, you can avoid this frozen fate. Trade in those gloves, hats, and scarves for sandals, sunglasses, and a sun tan. Shovel sand into a bucket instead of snow out of your driveway. Don’t make it your resolution but your priority to travel more and we’ll help dress you there with our collection of resort wear for men only at

Beach, please.


Cool down and relax with this casual beach wear. You’re at the beach so just be comfortable with these cool swim trucks with a unique print. They hit right above the knee for a more modern look. Pair it with these durable sandals so you don’t scorch your toes in the sand! The only accessory you really need with this outfit is an ice cold beer (and that should be the only thing “ice cold” on your vacation!)

Get the look!


Destination Relaxation

Dress it down while the temperature is up. This is a great and easy look while you’re exploring the local attractions or getting a nice lunch. Stroll down the street underneath the palm trees with this soft breathable white shirt. The best part of these cargo pants are these roomy pockets to hold all your new souvenirs (or maybe another beer!)vacation_outfits2

Get the Look!


Copacabana Nights


You’ve relaxed all day now it’s time to go all out for the night! Whether you’re dancing at the beach or out to get that lobster dinner, you deserve to treat yourself. This silk shirt has a really cool ombré print that’s modern and one of a kind. Combine it with these linen pants are the balance of comfort and style. Dance the night away or drink the night away, just do it in style!

Get The Look!



Resort Ready 2016 Collection – Women’s Edition

January 21, 2016 |

Sick of the cold weather? Does it have you feeling bitter and bundled? “Take me down to paradise city” because that is where a cold fruity drink is waiting! Take your tropical Pinterest pins and turn them into reality. Pack your bags for that resort you have been dreaming about because it’s time to treat yourself – take a cruise or travel to your favorite island, either way don’t forget to pack your favorite resort essentials. Let us help you prepare and be resort ready!

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Warm Breeze

After sitting on the beach all day and the sun goes down, you will need an outfit for a night out on the town. Pair a simple, light sweater like this Tommy Bahama sweater with denim railroad striped shorts for a casual look. Add an accent to your ensemble by adding a cotton or silk scarf. Throw on your favorite sandals to finish the look – we chose a platform wedge. This outfit is ideal for going out to dinner with your significant other, shopping through the markets, or both! While enjoying an outside dinner, feel the warm breeze pass by while ingesting all the beautiful people and views.

Warm Breeze Outfit


Island Time

After a long day of excursions, relax and cuddle up with your significant other on the beach hammock. Stay relaxed and comfortable in the Tommy Bahama melon sorbet tunic paired with the floral pants. We are crushing on this outfit and its tropical vibes. These two pieces are perfect to mix-and-match throughout your vacation. This tunic top is perfect for a swimsuit cover-up. We paired this outfit with a comfortable but stylish platform sandal. Although, these sandals are platform they are a flat base still allowing comfort. Relaxed, unwind, and get lost in the island time.

Island Time Outfit



After dinner, enjoy a long walk on the beach with your significant other. This breezy colorful maxi dress is perfect for the occasion. Allow this dress to take you from a romantic early dinner to dancing the night away at the resort cabana. Feel sexy in this floral printed dress that tastefully accents your features. We paired this dress with a simple sandal that is accessible to easily be slipped on and off. Feel the sand on your feet and rhythm in your heart. This is a vacation you will never forget.

Beachaholic Outfit


Shop the Look:

“Warm Breeze”

“Island Time”


Travel More

January 19, 2016 |

Third up on our New Year’s Resolution list is to Travel More. No more wasting those vacation days! You can’t live and see the world through an endless scroll through Pinterest. Get out there! While you leave your work worries behind, here are our favorite five places to escape to.


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Banff National Park, Canada

Nothing is better than waking up to the unearthly views of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Lavish in luxury at The Fairmont Chateau or rest rustic in many of the cabin options. Start your day off with a hike with your closest friends to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, you won’t regret the views from the well named getaway that has a scone with your name on it. Hiking not your thing, well there are horses that can be your best friend. Before dinner in the little ski town, take the beau to the Upper Hot Springs after watching the sunset from the Banff Gondola. So romantic.


New England Coast

The drive through the New England Coastline is classic Americana. From the harbor towns of Newport, Rhode Island to the breathtaking views of Acadia National Park in Maine, this is a must have on your bucket list road trip. Take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, car optional, and go biking with the family between the quaint towns filled with cafes and bookshops. Eat a freshly caught lobster in Bar Harbor, Maine after chowing down on clam chowder as your appetizer. Take in some history at the country’s oldest lighthouse at the Scituate Lighthouse in Massachusetts. Or party like Gatsby and walk the halls of Rosecliff Mansion.


Lake Garda, Italy

Not for the stunning views alone, Lake Garda, Italy is the perfect European getaway. With a series of little towns to discover, brilliant architecture, and spa-like thermal baths, this vacation spot has something for everyone. If you don’t want to relax and soak in the beautiful weather, head towards the western shore for biking through beautiful vineyards, olive groves, and fields. End your ride with a glass of wine and local fare overlooking the sun set over the lake. Perfection.

Chamonix, France

10498449_550992635007492_7144642116113888026_oBe prepared to get swept off your feet by this breath-taking scenery in Chamonix, France. Explore the small town feel throughout this friendly community. If you are active an enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting, etc. than this location is perfect for you! Wake up every morning to look out the window at the marvelous snow cap French Alp mountains. Start your day making your way up the mountain by foot or gondola to sit with your head in the clouds (literally). At the top of the mountain, you can relax and enjoy lunch or early dinner at a great restaurant awaiting up top. Feel one with nature and enjoy the fresh crisp air. This is a great location to visit any season.

Grand Cayman Island

cayman islandEnjoy the crystal, warm water in the Grand Cayman Islands. This British Island is a perfect get-away to sit on the beach and soak up the sun or dip into the calm cool ocean. While enjoying a swim, you may find little fish swimming next to your feet. This location is famous for “Stringray City” where swimmers and snorkelers can interact with these “tamed” southern stingrays. This is a great spot to relax but with the option to interact with wild life. If you love tropical excursions, hot weather, crystal blue waters, with a friendly community than we highly suggest the Grand Cayman Islands.


Well that’s our round up. What are some of your places to travel to?

5 Ways you Can Help Your Community – Celebrate MLK Day!

January 18, 2016 |

If you have off from work or school today you can do something to better your community in honor of Martin Luther King. Even if you don’t have off you still can! The smallest contribution will enrich yours and someone elses. You might be wondering why people and communities like to dedicate MLK day as a day of service , Here’s some really great reasons why! To get your creative juices flowing we’ve come up with some great ways to service your community.

Food is Everything


Everybody needs to eat and unfortunately it’s not always as easy as opening the refrigerator for some. Food bank and soup kitchen volunteers dedicate their time to provide food for anybody in need and you can too! Here’s a list of some great food giving organizations you can be a part of: Feeding America , UNICEF , WFP . It’s easy to find a local soup kitchen or food bank in your area with a simple google search!

Raise Money


You don’t have to be a real house wife and throw a million dollar charity ball to raise money for your favorite charity or a cause that your passionate about. You can be a regular plain Jane or John Doe to fund-raise! Isn’t that great news? Of course it is! Maybe you’re really passionate about animals; there’s so many organizations that feel the same way you do. Involve your friends and family in supporting what’s important to you. Most charities have specific sites and locations where you can donate in fun and creative ways.

Show and Tell


You can volunteer to teach things that you’re skilled at , which can help a lot of people and encourage others who are just as passionate as you.  Your church is a great place to start, showing others what your talented at can result in prosperous activities. You can also volunteer at your local community center or senior citizen center. It can be as easy as showing a senior citizen how to use the internet or teaching kids how to Zumba. It’s something the whole family can do together or even you and your friends .

Donate Anything


You can contribute in different ways without spending a dime.  Used clothing is something that we take for granted on a daily basis, but tons of people in need would be thankful for an unwanted sweatshirt or old pair of shoes. There are can food drives too, you can join or even start one your self.  Underprivileged kids need school supplies all year round, deprived libraries need books, and the homeless always need hygienic toiletries. Every little action counts!

Get Involved


If your a person who likes to get there hands dirty , Habitat for Humanity  might be the perfect organization for you! They dedicate their time to building houses for people in desperate need . If that sounds to intimidating you don’t have to start at such a large scale. For example, there are groups that plant community gardens, build playgrounds and creative structures to brighten a neighborhood up. The possibilities are endless!

Resume so 2015? – Nail That Interview with an 2016 update!

January 16, 2016 |

We’re finally here in the new year and maybe your goal this year is to get a new job. If so we have a five tips to help you spruce up your resume for that big interview. No matter what industry you’re in or trying to get into, you need something that’s going to make you stand out from the competition. Not only do you have to look  nice for an interview but you have to show what you’re worth. What better way to show that then with a brand spanking new resume? A Benjamin…maybe. Maybe not;in all other words you should be more than prepared, just in case they can’t be easily bribed!




Don’t be afraid to add personality, that’s what selling yourself is all about. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a great looking resume. A pop of color or layout change can get your resume specifically chosen from a pile of carbon copy resumes. It’s important to not let the information get over powered by the design. So don’t take out important information just because it doesn’t fit into your design. Here are some simple examples to help you get started!

Recent Relevance


It’s important to clean up your resume from past experiences that were more than 3 months ago. You can talk about your beginning experiences in your cover letter and especially in the interview. Only have your most recent experiences within three months on your resume. This way you’ll be able to keep it to one page and keep your resume from looking outdated. Check out some more tips Here!



You might of read that having an objective or summary isn’t necessary on your resume anymore but, that’s not true at all in fact you need an objective for everything. We do everything because we have a reason why we want or need to, in other words it’s an objective. If you’re applying to a retail setting job, but you’ve only had experience in a restaurant setting you’re chances will greatly improve if you specify why you’d like to switch industries. This is also why it’s very important to research the company. You’ll be able to pin point how someone with skills like yours will bring value and also benefit from an experience like this. For tips click Here!

 Online Presence


These days it’s important to have an online presence in coincidence with your resume and cover letter. Not only can an online portfolio or blog increase your chances of landing your dream job but you’ll be able to improve your creative skills and showcase your personality even more. Even if you’re a baker or a chef you need to be able to physically show your work if you want anybody to notice you, what better way to do that than on a world wide scale. Here are some free and easy sites to get you started! Remember you don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a website.

Get a Second Look


And last but not least always, always get a second eye on your resume. Having someone else look at your resume after you’ve finished making changes is a must do. After you’ve put all that work into it, none of it will make a good impression if there’s typos. Here’s another helpful eye before you do you double checking!

Land Your Dream Job With Help From Lee Newman Men’s Fashion

January 14, 2016 |

The fun and frills of the holidays are unfortunately behind us and now it’s time to get serious. This rings true for many people whose resolution might be to find a new job. Now is a great time to renew those resumes and hone your skills. Whether you want to earn more pay, have a better work life balance, or just want a change. You need to prove to your potential boss that you are the one and only person that can get the job done. You have a tailored resume perfect for the job and now it’s time to actually meet in person. What you’re wearing can say a lot about you so make sure you’re sending the right message in order to land your dream job with Lee Newman men’s fashion! It’s a new year filled with new opportunities and you need to have the right outfit.

Casual For Coffee


Stuffy boardrooms baking under fluorescent lights are a less than ideal scenario for an interview. Some interviews are done in a local bistro over a cup of cappuccino. For a business casual look this long sleeve v-neck shirt has the right amount of edge to set you apart from other candidates. Classic clean look but the unique cuffs are a nice modern touch. Pair it with a light colored pants, simple shoes, and of course your world-class resume.

Get The Look

Tommy Bahama Twill Smith Authentic Pant in Turbulence

Maceoo Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirt in Navy

Andrew Marc Dorchester Chukka Boot in Sandstone Deep Natural

Stylish For Startup


Many new upcoming companies do away with the 3 piece suit and tie uniform. Instead, these young companies want an employee who has versatility. No day is ever the same at a startup and you have to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. The Zachary Prell shirt is comfortable and has a bold red print to show off your determination to get this job. Roll of the sleeves for a more casual look. These loafers from Donald J. Pliner are a cool modern compliment to the outfit. If you’re going to wear a tie, go for neutral dark color like black or grey.

Get The Look

Zachary Prell Rosenburg Shirt in Red

Tommy Bahama Twill Smith Authentic Pant in Black

Donald J. Pliner Belen Monk Strap Leather Loafer in Espresso

Executive Level Style


If you’re closing million dollar deals and shaking hands with high power professionals, a classic business suit is mandatory. Stick to basic colors like black, grey, and navy. Presentation is key so take the extra time to press your suit and make sure everything is tailored to fit. Taking extra time on these details will also reflect the time of worker you are. Prove that you take extra consideration and how serious you want the position and your employer will take notice. Make sure you pack a lint roller in your briefcase to avoid any last minute accidents. Opt for a modest black shoe that’s comfortable like these loafers from Donald J. Pliner.

Get The Look

Robert Graham Lambert Dress Shirt in White

Donald J. Pliner Rex Nappa Stretch Slip-On Loafer in Black







Land That Dream Job – Women’s Edition

January 13, 2016 |

A popular New Year’s Resolution is to “Land That Dream Job.” Well, your fairy godparents are here and we have rounded up the perfect outfits to start your year off right. Today, we will be talking to the ladies (Men, don’t think we forgot about you! Come back tomorrow for your interview-ready outfits!).

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You get the call. Your dream company was impressed with your resume and wants to meet with you for a one-on-one interview. You get this overwhelming feeling of excitement, relief, and anxiety. Are you ready? Did you do your research? Most of all, what are you going to wear? This is one of the most crucial decisions because your appearance is your first impression! There are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to the proper interview apparel etiquette. Take a deep breath and keep reading because we want to share with you the DO’S for your interview prep.

Before we go into apparel, let’s start with interview prep 101, ladies:

  • Take a shower (yes, we went there).
  • Keep make-up simple and light (No one cares about your smoky-eye or if you’re having a perfect “wing-eye” day).
  • Do NOT wear statement jewelry – Keep to bare minimum, like stud diamond or pearl earrings, avoid flashy necklaces and rings.
  • Perfume – none to one pump, you want to be remembered by your personality not your smell.
  • Do your hair – have it pulled back or down, however you prefer, but make sure it’s out of your face.
  • Bring extra copies of your updated resume.
  • Bring a portfolio of any kind of work you have relating to the position you are interviewing for.
  • Research the company and who you are interviewing with.
  • Do NOT bring your cell phone – just, don’t.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Most of all, SMILE and be CONFIDENT.

Business Professional:

As far as we are concerned, it’s better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed. If you are ever unsure how to dress for an interview, choose business professional. As we said earlier, this is your first impression and you are a little fish in a big pond so you need to stand out in a professional manor. For a business professional look, it is safe to stick with black or navy. Some professionals advise wearing a women’s suit for an interview. Here, in our example, we chose to do a black scheme with a very clean-cut look by bringing a more feminine feel with a knee length skirt and blazer. If you choose to do a skirt, it is important to make sure it hits your knee or right above the knee. We also chose a high neckline top with a sleek fitted blazer to finish off the professional look. This outfit is accessorized with black pumps and a simple, yet sophisticated black leather satchel handbag. We would advise sticking to a simple solid color handbag – nothing with bright colors, fringe, or crazy patterns. I would keep designer labeled handbags to a minimum as well; it’s all about you and your personality to shine that day not your accessories. This look shows that you are a sharp, strong professional.

Business Professional


In our example below, we share a version of an acceptable professional suit. Sticking with neutral colors is your best bet. In our example, we did a light gray color blouse with a black suit pant and jacket. Some other accent colors that might work best would be in the families of browns, blacks, or whites. Depending on the style of your top, some styles may look more professional and clean tucked in. The pants and jacket should be fitted but not too tight. The length of your pants should cover your ankles, while your sleeves of your jacket should reach your wrist. Some women may prefer a flat shoe rather than a heel. When choosing a flat, make sure that your pants are not dragging or baggy and that your shoes are clean and matching. When choosing a heel, you don’t want anything too high and it is best to stick to a solid, closed-toe pump that follows your colors scheme. In our example, we chose a black pump matching our black suit to finish off the look making it professional and clean. This style shows that you are a professional who takes your responsibilities serious.


Business Casual:

A business casual look is still professional but a little more relaxed. You still want to keep a conservative look, but there is definitely more playing room when it comes to a business casual look. With this look, you have more variety with overall styling. For example, some companies may be more relaxed and allow clean cut jeans with a conservative blouse or sweater. Accessorizing may be more lenient like, an elegant and modern statement necklace with your outfit can be attractive while maintaining and professional vibe. We used an example of navy dress pants, a collared white blouse, with a navy knitted cardigan that example deep leather statement pockets. This look states that you are focused, prepared, and ready for business.

Business Casual

For all of these looks, shop to look and feel good at your next interview!

Shop The Look:

“Business Professional”


“Business Casual”