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| June 1, 2016

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Protective Hairstyles for Your Vacay Adventures!

May 5, 2016 |

It’s time for weekend getaways and vacation planning once again. The last thing a girl wants to do is think about her hair on vacation. The precious time you spend washing and doing your hair after a dip in the pool can be spent having a good time in paradise! These type of styles are great for growing out your hair too, so ladies keep them in all summer long.  We’ve come up with protective styling ideas to keep your hair protected and looking fabulous while you’re having the time of your life.

Crochet Braids


I’m a big advocate for crochet braids at the moment, because I had it done for my recent vacation; I’m so glad I did! It may look intimidating if your not a person who has ever worn fake hair before. I can reassure that it is not hard to wear at all! One thing I will stress is that you get it done by a professional only and don’t DIY if you have no idea what you’re doing; had to learn that the hard way. On vacation you don’t want to be stressing out about wether your hair will fall out if you go swimming. They’re low maintenance once installed and very versatile; you can get any type of hair you want. Here’s a video that shows you how it’s done. It works on all types of hair too; fine, straight, curly and thick!

Thick Cornrows


Unfortunately the Kardashians brought this style back but, it was around way before they were even famous. This style is easier to DIY if you know how to braid your own hair. You don’t even have to add extra hair if you don’t want to. The number of braids is up to you too, the classic french braid look is trending right now. This style is even more low maintenance than crochet braids.



Box braids are a style you’ve probably seen more often than the others. Getting braids done can take up to 9 hours by a professional, but once they’re done there’s little you have to do to maintain them. You can also get twists instead of a head full of braids. Even the length is up to you; you can get short, medium or long in length.



What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

April 27, 2016 |

I have to admit. As a woman, I do not like to leave the house unless my makeup is fully done. I also like to carry some of my beauty essentials in a cute cosmetic case, in case I have to reapply or fix a mishap. Here are some of my go-to beauty products.

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This is my cosmetic case that I carry around everywhere. If you do not have one, I will gladly recommend some of the cutest makeup bags that you can find right here on LeeNewman.



  • Dior Eye Shadow Palette


  • Bobbi Brown Kabuki Brushbb_prod_E7J9_415x415_0
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Powder_8298520
  • Benefit Bad Gal Mascara


  • Maybelline Black Liquid Eye Liner61ANATCT0HL._SY355_
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick



List of Cosmetic Cases:

Kate Spade Cedar Street Popsicle Large Natalie



Ted Baker Annelly Extra Large Cosmetic Case


Ted Baker Miziei Small Cosmetic Case



What’s in your makeup bag and what are your favorite beauty essentials? Comment and share below! Make sure to like us on Facebook as well! :)


Tan the Safe Way

April 25, 2016 |

Forget ugly tan lines! Get the perfect tan complexion you want without exposing your skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation, where you can experience through tanning beds (or booths) and by laying out under the sun for long periods of time.

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Small Facts about UVA and UVB

Ultraviolet radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. It is made of UVA and UVB wavelengths or rays.

1] UVB

UVB rays are short rays that affect the outer layers of the skin and can cause burns, skin redness and irritation.

2] UVA

UVA rays account for up to 95 percent of the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.  Therefore, it penetrates the skin deeper than UVBs, causing skin aging, wrinkles, eye damage and even cancer. Tanning booths primarily use UVA radiation so it is best to avoid them completely.



Safe Way to Tan:

1. Self Tan:

Self tanning is one of the easiest and the safest way to get that bronze affect. Here are some of the best self tanners that have five star ratings.

a] St Tropez: Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion



b] Clarins: Self-Tanning Instant Gelclarins-self-tanning-instant-gel-en

c] Hampton Sun: Sunless Tanning Gel


via Harpers Bazaar


2. Spray Tan:

Spray tanning is another way to go. Before you make a trip to your local tanning salon, make sure to call first and ask if that is included in their services.


Remember to ALWAYS wear SPF to protect your skin!



Need Cute iPhone & Tech Accessories!– Shop Them Here!

April 5, 2016 |

I love decorating my iPhone with the cutest and latest cases. They keep your phone from damaging while at the same time, making it look appealing.

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If you are looking for iPhone and tablet cases, you came to the right place! Check out our top picks!

1.) Kate Spade Ice Cream Cone iPhone 6 Case

kate spade ice cream cone


2.) Kate Spade Admit It iPhone 6 Case in Pinkkate spade admit it


3.) Kate Spade Ice Cream Mini iPad 2 Case

kate spade ice cream novelty


4.) Kate Spade Jeweled Fun iPhone 6 Case

kate spade jeweled fun

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Update Your Closet With Fashionable Spring Wardrobes!– Shop Them Here!

April 4, 2016 |

Ladies, it’s spring time! That means, it is time for you to put away your winter clothes and update your closet with some cutest spring wardrobes! The weather is going to be warmer from here on out, so you might want some of the latest trendy spring items!

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I gotta say, my favorite season is definitely spring– no more freezing temperatures, snow, slushy roads, etc.. Now that winter is over, I like to dress up in the cutest floral printed dresses, lacy tops & tees and denim shorts. Where would I find them? I find them right here on LeeNewman and I’ll share some of my favorite top picks!

1.) Bailey 44 Sunnyoroft Lace Top in Black

bailey 44 sunny oroft lace top black

I love this top! You can literally wear it day OR night. Match it with your favorite pair of  skinny jeans or with a skirt!


2.) Alice & Olivia Jacinda Tie Front Crop Tank in Tan

alice & olivia jacinda tie front crop tank in tan

This is not just your average, ordinary tank. It has stitched details around the neck and armhole, cropped, AND has a tie front detail. Plus, it is made out of cotton blend so it is extremely comfortable!


3.) Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Crop Jeans in 5 Years Asphalt Grey

adriano goldschmied stilt crop jeans

I love this cropped jeans from Adriano Goldschmied. It is mid-rise and I love how it has the faded and distressed look on to it. I can wear this jeans with literally anything! Just pull on a crop top and ankle straps and call it a day!


4.) Kate Spade Cape Drive Harriet Bucket Bag in Black/Bright White

kate spade cape drive harriet

Get out of town with this cute bucket bag from Kate Spade! You can carry all of your essentials for the night due to its spacious capacity. It has an adjustable crossbody strap, drawstring closure and a slit pocket inside.


5.) Michael Kors Sofia Gladiator Sandals in Black


mk sofia black


I love LOVE this gladiator sandals because it is very cute and stylish, and especially because it is very affordable! Match this cute gladiator sandals from Michael Kors with a mini romper or dress.


If you are interested in other fashionable items, please check out our site AND don’t forget to like us on facebook! You will not regret it :)

Spending Valentine’s Day Single- Galentine’s Edition

February 12, 2016 |

Being single on Valentine’s day is not the worst thing in the world and it certainly doesn’t mean your destined to spend this holiday of hearts without love forever. Your time just isn’t right now and that’s more than okay! The good news is you don’t have to be completely alone on Valentine’s Day, you can always celebrate with your other single friends!

Throw a “Gal”entine or “Pal”entine Party:




First we need a theme for this Valentine’s Day ; are we embracing love or rebelling against this lovey dovey holiday? For anti-valentine’s day decoration ideas check out this page. Want to go for a more pro-mushy gushy vibe try these ideas instead.




Location is key! Are we gonna take this show on the road to the movies or maybe even out for a night of dancing. Or just keeping it simple and intimate at your place, outside is an option too if it’s not below 2 degrees where you are.



Besides the drinking, you and your friends should set up interactive activities to celebrate your singleness! Here’s a whole slew of fun games you and your friends will have ball with.



Your second favorite part; the goodies! Let’s get chocolate crazy together, try this smore popcorn recipe for movie time. Here’s some more festive ideas for fun and tasty snacks.



Now on to everyone’s favorite part: Cocktail hour! Even if you don’t drink or just don’t want to here’s a few mock-tale ideas. Now It’s time for the fun drinks with tons of alcohol , which some of us will need a lot of to get through this weekend of non-stop sap. You’ll have lots of fun making these flirty creations…Please don’t forget to be a little bit responsible okay!? Have fun ladies :)

Make Him Melt This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2016 |

Calling all Valentine’s -love is in the air! Got a hot date or a special rendezvous? We have a few tips to share that will sure melt his heart this year. When celebrating Valentine’s Day you want to make sure you look your best for your loved one, but don’t worry, “I got you babe!” Prepare your sweet tooth, because we have just the sweets for you! It’s a special night that is all about you and him, so whether you plan to go dancing, see a show, or grab dinner, make sure it’s exciting and fun for the both of you!

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Dancing Date

Dancing outfitDance the night away in this breath-taking lace dress. You can take this dress from dinner to dancing. Its flowy, chic appeal will want to keep you moving all night. Your significant other won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you! Don’t play by the rule book this Valentine’s Day and switch things up to make it more fun and full of laughs – dancing is always great for that. Pair this dress with your favorite heels. We chose our two fan favorites from Vince Camuto. For a classic and traditional look, we chose the pointed-toe pumps. For a more girly, flirty look we chose the gem, lace-up cage heels. Make sure to pick a pair that will keep your feet satisfied on the dance floor.


A Show

The showSeeing a show is always a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Spending time at a Broadway play, comedy act, or late night show can spice things up and keep the couple happy and engaged. Ladies, for those of you who like this idea, we prepared a special outfit for you. We wanted it to be classic yet chic. A culotte style pant is trendy and flirty. We paired this pant with a colorful stencil top that can easily be accessorized. You can also pair these pants with a blazer or a sweater of your choice. For a classic, modern look we picked the Cole Haan pointed-toe pump to pair with this outfit. The Cole Haan pump would be ideal for a Broadway play. For a flirty and edgier look, we chose the Vince Camuto lace-up cage heel. The Vince Camuto heel would be a fun-fit for a comedy show. By adding a pop of color for the occasion we chose the Kate Spade mini handbag that is also a cross-body. The handbag would be perfect for your fun-filled Valentine’s Date!


Dinner Date

dinner outfitSome couples may choose to do a more relaxed, low-key date night with their significant other. Go to one of your favorite restaurants, or try that new place you have been thinking about! For this occasion, we paired a nice pair of wide leg jeans with a cute flowy top. Let this sexy top make a statement, you will be sure to “Wow” him! Pair these jeans with a cute heel bootie. We chose a stiletto heel and a stack heel. The suede stack heel is dressy but keeps the outfit casual, where the stiletto heel takes it up a notch. Depending on your plans, pick which shoe fits. For the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, we picked the perfect hand held clutch for you. It’s tasteful and fun while bringing additional colors to your outfit! While you wine and dine, don’t forget to cheers to a happy couple!

Shop the Look!

“Dancing Date”

“A Show”

“Dinner Date”

Gentlemen’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2016 |

Gentlemen’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as you can tell by the countless window displays of red and pink decorations. Boxed chocolates wrapped up and ready to go. Roses in bloom showing off their beautiful red hue. It’s Valentine’s Day!

It can also be a stressful time of year for some people. We all get caught up in our lives and have to constrain ourselves to these tight schedules. Whether it’s going to work, taking care of your kids, cleaning the house, school meetings, etc. The list can get even longer. It can make it difficult for two people just to even say a quick “good morning” before they rush out the door. We get so caught up in our lives, we forget to live. That’s why Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to just take time and spend time with that special someone, but what if your plans fall through? What if you forget to make that reservation or to get that perfect gift?

Reservations Complicationssteak-978666_1920

For a true gentlemen, it can take even more time just to set up a special day with your girlfriend or wife. Your favorite restaurant can get booked in a moment’s notice unless you make reservations far in advance. Even then, mistakes have been known to happen. Instead of sitting in a crowded and noisy restaurant, try cooking her favorite meal at home. Maybe try the first meal you had on your first date. Make it sentimental and reminisce on that special day when you first met. Don’t forget dessert!


A Scavenger Hunt For Romance

old-1130733_1920Anyone can go to the jewelry store and pick out any ring or bracelet or maybe you want to get her that purse she’s been eyeing. Why not make an experience? That way you can make a memory of this special time. This may take some extra planning, but try planning a little scavenger hunt with certain clues. Maybe these clues can be found in some of your favorite places around town or places You can start at home and make clues around your town and end at a special picnic on the beach. The possibilities are endless.


Plan It Together


This may come as a shock because many men feel that he must surprise his special lady. It can still be just as romantic to simply ask her what she really wants to do. See if there’s a new movie she wants to see or maybe take a sushi making class. If you’re both stressed out from work, maybe getting a couples’ massage would be a great way to wind down. Be new and adventurous but just take the time to spend time together.

That’s the importance of Valentine’s Day. Just take the time to spend with your significant other and show them you care. Make it special and share in the moment. That way, when you get caught up in your life, take a minute and remember one of those special moments to keep you going.