May The Summer Solstice Set You Free

May The Summer Solstice Set You Free

We will make any excuse to have a good time and celebrate, and a solstice or equinox is no exception. The Summer Solstice is this Wednesday, which is perfect because hump day is a prime time to celebrate as well as blow off steam from your work week.

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Wednesdays in Philadelphia are special during the spring and summer months as it is Sips in Center City. Happy Hour is hotter than ever before with prime time deals at many bars and restaurants from 5-7.

While it’s preferable to go to an intimate bar or hosting small gatherings with friends in the winter, in the summertime we will always choose a beer garden with our friends. Beer Gardens have a high energy that is ideal for solstice celebration. Let your inner extrovert come out to play and open yourself up to meeting new potential friends. Also, many of these beer gardens have Jenga or some type of game. I mean how could anyone say no to Jenga?

You might prefer a rooftop bar if beer gardens aren’t your speed. The rooftop bar is the sophisticated and classy cousin of the beer garden. They are usually more spacious and more options if you don’t like beer and have a tendency to feel claustrophobic. Bring in the solstice by sipping on cocktails with your nearest and dearest friends.

May The Summer Solstice Set You Free May The Summer Solstice Set You Free

Even though the easiest way to celebrate is through enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage in the sun, there are other fun things to do for the solstice that don’t include alcohol. For example, Art Museum Restaurant Week falls during the week of the Summer Solstice. Grab a few friends and make a reservation at one of the high end restaurants in the area.

In speaking of Museums, you have plenty of museums in this area at your disposal. The Rodin Museum is the one we want to visit the most for the holiday. The statues inside and outside are whimsical and remind us something out of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Revolutionary War Museum is another museum that would be incredible to visit on the Solstice. The museum isn’t located in the Art Museum District, but since it just opened in April we made an exception. We would love to start the season with learning about the start of our country’s independence from Great Britain.

For the South Jersey locals that don’t want to travel all the way into city, we don’t blame you for even a second. That’s why we have some events that are just as exciting as some of the events in Philadelphia. The Westmont Farmers Market is hosting a Summer Solstice Music and Food Festival in Haddon Township. The event will have the typical live music, food, and wine, but the festival will also have interesting additions such as fire breathers and belly dancers.

May The Summer Solstice Set You Free May The Summer Solstice Set You Free

This festival sounds like a dream come true, but we also think it is very appropriate to go on a hike and take in the serenity and beauty of nature. Skip work on Wednesday and go for a hike or bike in the Pine Barrens. See the tall trees and enjoy the butterflies. Just make sure to wear some bug spray.

Nature is beautiful, but if you only enjoy images of nature and don’t actually like being one with it then you should probably do something a bit more sophisticated and domestic. The scenic Valenzano Winery is located in Burlington. Enjoy some amazing wine and summertime greenery. They close around five o’clock so take a half day and go indulge yourself with some wine whether it is with good company or just enjoying a bottle alone.

Invite the warm weather and celebrate the hot sunshine by enjoying martinis and food with the ones you love. The most important thing about the summer solstice is to simply look around and take in all the season has to offer. Enjoy the beauty.



Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday

Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday // Shoes

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow! It’s a time to celebrate the unlikely victory of the underdogs. And while we do love an unexpected ending and cheering on our fellow Americans, we really just love another reason to party. Taco Tuesdays are nice, but when the stars align and Cinco de Mayo lands on a Friday, you know we’ll be with our best amigos having a margarita (or two).

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Let’s taco ’bout how we’re going to
shell-ebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday // Margaritas


Celebrations are easy. Festivity Essentials: food, friends, and liquor. Margarita Pitchers are imperative to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way. It’s a bright and vibrant cocktail to soak up some sun or to dance the night away. Live on the edge and try all the different flavors available. At the end of a long work week, margaritas are exactly what the doctor ordered.


Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday // Tacos

For balance, make your belly happy with anything that comes in a tortilla. Tacos, Burritos, and Enchiladas will be your best friend for the morning after. A carnitas taco with a salted rim margarita on the rocks is the perfect pairing. However, don’t forget the chips. Nothing is more magical than an endless bowl of chips, especially with guacamole, queso fresco, and salsa.

Make a point to celebrate with the ones you love. This is a time to enjoy life with your friends and loved ones. There is nothing like sharing food and drinks with favorite people.



Philly has so many great places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Since we’re on this side of the river, we’ll definitely be hitting up Distrito at the Moorestown Mall for their festivities. But here are a few other great options for you and your friends to enjoy. Make sure to check out everyone’s Cinco de Mayo Specials!

Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday // Distrito Specials



Cinco de Mayo: More Than Your Average Taco Tuesday // Viva La Fiesta

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Christmas in the City

Christmas in the City - Wreath

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can get overwhelming. Between the shopping crowds and that one cousin you can’t stand, we all need to take some time for ourselves. Put your errands on hold and get some holiday cheer by spending Christmas in the City!

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The City of Brotherly Love is magical this time of year

Christmas in the City - City Hall Carousel

Since this is a day for some rest and relaxation, sleep in! But don’t sleep the day away! Once you make it into the city, we suggest starting your day at City Hall.The square is all gussied up in holiday decorations and the smell of chestnuts roasting lays heavy in the air. The Christmas Village is an annual holiday pop up that shows up between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Cute little shops line the perimeter are filled with Philadelphia memorabilia and other festive goodies by local makers. It’s a great stop to pick up some stocking stuffers.

Christmas in the City - Dilworth Park   Christmas in the City - Ice Rink

What is more quintessentially Christmas in the City than an ice skating rink within the city skyline? Philadelphia is blessed to have a handful of rinks to enjoy this wintry leisurely activity. One is located on the Delaware Waterfront and another right next to City Hall at Dilworth Park’s Wintergarden. While your little babes skate some laps to the sound of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, take your lover to the America’s Garden Capital Maze. Laugh among the whimsical characters and sneak a kiss beneath the romantic gazebo.

Christmas in the City - Wintergarden

Holiday Shopping doesn’t have to be stressful

Now let us remember that it is December. Warm up with a latte at local roaster La Colombe. Located just around the corner from City Hall. Also take this time to charge up your phone, the day is nowhere near over! After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to get some shopping done. Closeby are a handful of giftworthy boutiques. Verde is a staple for finding quirky gifts or a delicious box of chocolates. Paper on Pine has the cutest cards to send to those distant relatives you won’t be seeing. And Duross and Langel has the makings for a perfect at home spa day for your bestie (or yourself, we’re not judging).

Christmas in the City - Verde   Christmas in the City - Jamonera

Now shopping makes us hungry, and after all, you probably only had brunch this morning. Head over to any of the plethora of restaurants in the area! Jamonera is a current favorite of ours. The small plates are great to share with your friends over a nice bottle of Cabernet, but the entrees are just as delicious. Now you can end the day off there. But if you’re down to walk amongst the twinkling city lights, make sure you catch a show at the Kimmel for that extra Christmas magic!


Go with your best friends. Take your children and fur babies. Drag your significant other along. Whoever you decide to bring with you to celebrate Christmas in the City, you will definitely want to make these memories with someone you love.

Christmas in the City - Map