Bopping Around the Tree

Make sure you are bopping around the Christmas tree all night long with this playlist! Keep a hold of that holiday joy this season with all your friends and family with dancing, joy, and merriment.

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From classics like Bing Crosby to our Modern Holiday Queen, Mariah – this playlist has everything for all your family and friends. Keep the festivities fun and exciting this season.

Bopping Around the Christmas Tree
At the Christmas Party Hop…

Get it bopping all December long and into the new year.

Music Be the Food of Love: the Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist

Music Be The Food Of Love

We’ve got a special gift for you this Valentine’s Day.

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Whether you are celebrating with your significant other or partying it up with your single girls – we have a playlist consisting of fun love songs ranging from old time favorites to modern classics to indie bops.

Hans Christian once said “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.”

The quote is wacky and tacky but also very true.

“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” – Hans Christian Anderson

Love and words don’t always coincide. Let these 40 songs do the talking if you’re speechless.

Pour some champagne and enjoy the most romantic day of the year with the people you love the most.


New Year New Me in 2017 – A New Year Playlist

New Year New Me in 2017 - A New Year Playlist

This is the New Year. Do you feel any different?

Around the office, the phrase “New Year New Me” is being thrown around left and right. The changing from 2016 to 2017 has given us a type of rebirth that has us excited. We understand a lingering 2016 anxiety, but cheer up! The new year fills us with hope. We want everyone to experience more self love and self care. Let us all keep the woes of last year in the past. The world needs more good vibes.

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New Year New Me in 2017 – A New Year Playlist by Lee Newman

If you’re not feeling the freshness of the New Year, we have your back. We have created the perfect playlist to launch your 2017. The New Year New Me in 2017 Playlist has some motivations with good vibrations. It has all beat bumping jams and feel good anthems we need to start the year off right.

Life is a Party. We all need to dance a little. And remember: “New Year New Me.”

Yuletide Carols – Lee Newman’s Holiday 2016 Playlist

Yuletide Carols

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost Nipping at your nose

These familiar lyrics come with nostalgic tunes from our childhood. Think of them as our ghosts of Christmas Past. Unlike the Charles Dickens tale, we are eager to revisit the yuletide carols depicting a jolly man in a red suit and his red nosed reindeer. We have come up with a playlist of some of our holiday favorites. These are the tunes that really get us into the holiday spirit.


Yuletide Carols – Lee Newman Holiday 2016 Playlist

Happy Holidays from our Lee Newman family to yours!
xoxo, the elves