Clean in 2017

Clean in 2017

We are only a few days into 2017 and we are sure many of you are still suffering a bit from those post-holiday blues. However, now is the time to throw yourself into your New Year Resolutions. Many of us have chosen to get back into shape or further our journey in health and fitness. We are major advocates of healthy clean living and simply taking care of yourself mind, body, and soul. See how we will be living #CLEANin2017!

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Peacefully Pose with Yoga

Yoga is by far one of the most Zen physical activities to boost your health and mood upward (especially in Up Dog!). Before you head off to work, start your day with some morning flows and positive meditation. This will keep you balanced and be ready take on anything your day throws at you. Need a bit more in your practice? Try Pilates! Both of these exercises heal the body and the mind. Breathe those good vibes in!

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A Little Walk Goes a Long Way

We are all about the Parisienne approach to exercise: laid back and easy. It is all about making everyday activities more…well, active. Make the effort to take long walks. Take the stairs instead of elevators. It is a small but effective and healthy workout that can easily fit into your schedule. This activity will also allow you to reflect on the past and contemplate your future, which is a very healing experience that many of us forget to do.

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Eat Right Live Right

Some say that fitness is: 20% Exercise and 80% Diet. So we can’t forget that fitness starts in the kitchen! Ordering take out is so much easier than making a meal, but grocery shopping and cooking a meal is cheaper and is a productive task that adds to your culinary skills. Buy some good produce. We’re currently big fans squash, avocado (avocado toast anyone?!), and bell peppers. There are so many healthy options for a clean lifestyle and you get to learn new recipes you can show off to your friends and loved ones.  To make things easier, try the Yummly app. It gives you recipes based on your preferences (vegan/dairy intolerant/allergies). This tool will be useful for your health journey. Delete your Grub Hub app and get to your local grocer and get cooking!


It’s hard to stick to goals and resolutions. Trust us. We know where you are coming from; but if you plan your work and work your plan, you have a fighting chance at sticking to it. Whether your goals are to lose weight or gain muscle, our main wish for you is to be a healthier person inside and out by year end.


Get the Looks

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