Ten Things We Love About The Holidays

There are plenty of things to love about the holidays! The lights, the trees, the gifts! These are the top ten things that we’re excited to experience over the next few days.

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Onto the Ten Things!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Yes, it gets really cold and we miss the sunshine at times – but we love nothing more than watching the snow fall. Even if you hate winter, put on your boots and walk through the snow.

2. Layers

With the cold comes sweaters, scarves, coats, hats, and more! We love nothing more than having endless options. Winter really is the cutest season.

3. Cookies

This is the time of year when nutritional values go out the window, and honestly, we are okay with that. Bake them, decorate them, eat them!

4. Family & Friends

Whether you’re home for the holidays or spending it with friends and neighbors, make some time to share your love with one another.

5. Decoration and Lights

All of the light, All of the lights – take a stroll either by yourself or with some friends and look at the glimmering holiday decor in your neighborhood. It’s an activity that’s fun, free, and care-free.


6. Post-Holiday Sales

When Santa heads back to the north pole, the prices drop and deals can become unbelievable. Take advantage of this time and go shopping for the things that you really wanted. Get that pair of jeans you wanted and snag of that new gadget. You can even keep it simple and just use your holiday money to buy new shampoo and socks.

7. Holiday Tunes

If you love this time of year, you have to be able to get down with the music of the season. There’s a song for everyone: you might like the hokey ones, or you might like the classics. Just embrace the soundtrack of the season, it can even melt the heart of any Ebenezer Scrooge.

8. Ice Skating

Why walk when you can glide? Put on some ice skates even if you’re not so great. Hold on the ledge if you have to, really experience the season.

9. Hot Chocolate

The thought of hot cocoa warms our hearts. Watching the marshmallows soak in the chocolatey goodness. Sit around a roasting fire with your dearest friends and indulge in the delicious warm beverage.

10. Tube, Sled, & Sleigh All Day

If there is snow on the ground, waste no time! Put on your snowsuit and boots and enjoy the winter wonderland. Get on a tube or sled and find the nearest hill. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll come across horses pulling a sleigh.


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gi_capri_overcoat_b107_f  rodd_and_gunn_queenstown_sweater_ep0822_l_ecru_f


Office Party

Holidays can be stressful, right? You know what shouldn’t be: your holiday office party! Let’s not beat around the bush here. You want to have fun, have a cocktail or two with your work wife – but you also want to keep it professional around your superiors. How do you balance? It’s something everyone struggles with. Luckily, we have mastered the art of having a respectable fun time at the annual holiday office party.

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Cocktail Minimum

Self-management is difficult. Managing finances, relationships, and time are the most difficult tasks in life. When we attend a party, our natural impulse is to let our long tresses down and order a beer, or whiskey shot, or whatever drink matches your personality. At your office party, you’re still under pressure to perform professionally. We suggest either ordering beverages that are light – a glass of white wine or a beer. Another option is a cocktail that’s strong but has a sophisticated presence. Order a martini to look like a boss, but only have one or two, and nurse your beverage so it lasts all night.


Dress to Impress

Ladies, this is your chance to have fun. Elevate your business look with something flashy and fun. Bring some whimsy to the party. Men, don’t get lazy with this look. Make yourself look phenomenal and dapper. Most importantly, remember: do not show up like it’s an ugly sweater party. Save those for your closest friends.

Don’t Dip

Irish Goodbye, French Exit, Ghosting – whatever you want to call it, now is definitely not the time to do your usual unannounced dip. At your office party, you might want to do the good old “meet, greet, and bail” but you must at least say hello to all your superiors. Make some small talk with everyone you want in your corner. After this is done, either hit up the dance floor with your closest co-workers and have a good time.

Don’t booze and schmooze at your office party. Just look good, feel great, and have fun with your 9 to 5 crowd. Keep it professional, but live a little this holiday season.


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Feast Your Eyes on our Fancy Toasts

The holiday season gives us another reason to throw a holiday party. Deck your halls with garland and walls with wreaths and cook up some festive foods for your friends and family. At a typical holiday party, you will find a classic cheese board featuring brie, crackers, and apple slices. Although we love being surprised by this staple, we wanted to serve you appetizers with festive flair and originality. Our answer?

Fancy Toasts!

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Serve some fancy toasts as the base of your light fare at your holiday gathering. At our party, we didn’t serve just one but two different delectable edibles on the crostini. Everyone loves options, and your guests will thank you for it.

Feast Your Eyes on our Fancy Toast       Feast Your Eyes on our Fancy Toast

PB+J for Adults

You’re never too old for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, but your partygoers will enjoy this mature manifestation of the classic childhood favorite. Smear peanut butter on your crostini as a delicious base. Add some coconut flakes for extra flavor and texture. Top off this fancy toast with some pomegranates for pops of flavor.

Brie Wish You a Merry Christmas

Adding some cheese to your carbs makes for the perfect and easy appetizer at your holiday party. Spread some fig jam onto the crostini and then place some brie cheese and apples atop the delicious smear. You can leave some of these stylish snacks as is, but for all of your non-vegetarian guests, add some prosciutto for a sophisticated touch.

Making these fancy toasts are as easy as pie (okay, probably easier than pie) and will keep your friends and family satisfied while they mingle and have a great time during the holiday season


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Wanderlust Look: the Scottish Highlands

Wanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands

When we aren’t traveling, we are filled with dreamy wanderlust after different and new fun places to travel.

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We love the typical tropical travel locations, especially during this cold weather; but our eyes are on faraway lands that aren’t exactly conventional choices, which make them even more desirable.

“Scotland is about layering. The weather changes every ten minutes.” – Sam Heughan

Lush Greenery and vast terrain creates stunning, borderline overwhelming scene that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Beaches are lovely, but something as cinematic and large like the Scottish Highlands offers a sense of introspection and personal growth.

Walking along the chilly and never-ending moors of the highlands, you might want to wear something warm with natural earth tones.

Wanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands

The look consists of a neutral turtleneck sweater by Zachary Prell and striking Tommy Bahama white khakis. This styling creates a European sophistication that appears intelligent and humble. Paired with an Olive Jacket by Tommy Bahama, you will match the neutral and thought-provoking environment that surrounds you.

If this inspires you to cross the pond, then our work here is almost done. Here is a list by U.S. News of Castles and Glens that you should visit. Get lost in lush greenery and take every chance to take a wanderlust selfie.

Channel your inner European and get on a plane immediately. This weather is too bluesy to not make an escape.


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Wanderlust Look: Scottish HighlandsWanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands



Distressed to Impress: the Rugged Aesthetic

Distressed to Impress: the Rugged Aesthetic

When all else fails, we return to the rugged aesthetic.

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A distressed style embodies the Hard Working Urbanite, with too much on his mind to worry about what to wear. Yet somehow, he still looks flawlessly disheveled while he is on the go.

The distressed leather Missani Jacket with a knit Henley Sweater by Rodd & Gunn is humble yet fashionably elevated. The rugged urbanite has a fashion conscience mind with a laissez faire attitude.

Paired with some simple straight leg denim and boots and the look is ready for an easy and versatile look, whether it be a mid-week casual day or a Sunday Brunch situation.


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Distressed to Impress: the Rugged AestheticDistressed to Impress: the Rugged Aesthetic

Leather JacketHenley Sweater