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Holidays can be stressful, right? You know what shouldn’t be: your holiday office party! Let’s not beat around the bush here. You want to have fun, have a cocktail or two with your work wife – but you also want to keep it professional around your superiors. How do you balance? It’s something everyone struggles with. Luckily, we have mastered the art of having a respectable fun time at the annual holiday office party.

Cocktail Minimum

Self-management is difficult. Managing finances, relationships, and time are the most difficult tasks in life. When we attend a party, our natural impulse is to let our long tresses down and order a beer, or whiskey shot, or whatever drink matches your personality. At your office party, you’re still under pressure to perform professionally. We suggest either ordering beverages that are light – a glass of white wine or a beer. Another option is a cocktail that’s strong but has a sophisticated presence. Order a martini to look like a boss, but only have one or two, and nurse your beverage so it lasts all night.


Dress to Impress

Ladies, this is your chance to have fun. Elevate your business look with something flashy and fun. Bring some whimsy to the party. Men, don’t get lazy with this look. Make yourself look phenomenal and dapper. Most importantly, remember: do not show up like it’s an ugly sweater party. Save those for your closest friends.

Don’t Dip

Irish Goodbye, French Exit, Ghosting – whatever you want to call it, now is definitely not the time to do your usual unannounced dip. At your office party, you might want to do the good old “meet, greet, and bail” but you must at least say hello to all your superiors. Make some small talk with everyone you want in your corner. After this is done, either hit up the dance floor with your closest co-workers and have a good time.

Don’t booze and schmooze at your office party. Just look good, feel great, and have fun with your 9 to 5 crowd. Keep it professional, but live a little this holiday season.


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