Wanderlust Look: the Scottish Highlands

Wanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands

When we aren’t traveling, we are filled with dreamy wanderlust after different and new fun places to travel.

We love the typical tropical travel locations, especially during this cold weather; but our eyes are on faraway lands that aren’t exactly conventional choices, which make them even more desirable.

“Scotland is about layering. The weather changes every ten minutes.” – Sam Heughan

Lush Greenery and vast terrain creates stunning, borderline overwhelming scene that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Beaches are lovely, but something as cinematic and large like the Scottish Highlands offers a sense of introspection and personal growth.

Walking along the chilly and never-ending moors of the highlands, you might want to wear something warm with natural earth tones.

Wanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands

The look consists of a neutral turtleneck sweater by Zachary Prell and striking Tommy Bahama white khakis. This styling creates a European sophistication that appears intelligent and humble. Paired with an Olive Jacket by Tommy Bahama, you will match the neutral and thought-provoking environment that surrounds you.

If this inspires you to cross the pond, then our work here is almost done. Here is a list by U.S. News of Castles and Glens that you should visit. Get lost in lush greenery and take every chance to take a wanderlust selfie.

Channel your inner European and get on a plane immediately. This weather is too bluesy to not make an escape.


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Wanderlust Look: Scottish HighlandsWanderlust Look: Scottish Highlands



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