The new year is in full swing and it has the fierceness of the tiger written all over it. While the western world celebrated the coming of the new year a month ago, many countries in the east like China, Vietnam, Mongolia, and North and South Korea are keeping the party going. The Year of the Tiger symbolizes courage and bravery, and after of a few years of uncertainty with the Pandemi-Lovato Panorama, this cosmic pick me up is just what the world needs.

Celebrate in style

Red and Gold are the colors of choice when celebrating the Lunar New Year. Red is an auspicious color representing good fortune and happiness, while also warding off all the bad juju. So not only is it a bold power move, but I think we can all use a little luck these days. Amp it up with some tiger stripes for some extra flair!

...don't forget the food

As in most cultures, food is always a main priority after coming together with friends and family. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Chinese choose symbolic foods inspired by appearance or the pronunciation. Dumplings represent wealth, and while xio long bao isn't the traditional "boat shaped" (which is made to look like Chinese silver ingots), but it is mighty tasty. It's soup and a dumpling...all in one! Longevity Noodles symbolize a wish for a long life in the new year. As we know health is wealth. Now for the Good Fortune Fruits! Not only are citrus best during the winter season, the round shape of oranges and gold color symbolize fullness and wealth. The Chinese word for orange is "Chéng" which sounds the same as the Chinese word for success.

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