A very common tradition amongst family units during the Thanksgiving holiday is to go around the table and announce the things you are grateful for. Although this tradition is a good one, it sometimes seems to simplify that act of gratitude. Being grateful for the things in your life shouldn’t be reserved for one day of the year. 

gratitude lists & journaling

A manageable way to keep track of the things you’re grateful for is to make a gratitude list daily. In the morning make a list of the three things you are grateful for upon waking. This simple act is extremely grounding and will help keep you centered on even the most difficult of days.

Listing the special things that you are grateful for can be expanded in the act of journaling. Sincerely taking the time to explore the reasons you are grateful for things can be an experience that leads you to realizing what you fully desire at your core.


Although it might not seem obvious, meditation can be a great way to express gratitude. When meditating, do a body scan and allow yourself to focus on each part of your body and ask yourself how it feels. Through meditation we can allow ourselves to be grateful for our bodies and all of its functions and dysfunctions. 


Life can be extremely busy. It’s really easy to put our careers, families, and children before our own needs. Show your soul, body, and mind that you are grateful for yourself. Wrap yourself in a warm cashmere sweater, make your favorite drink, read your favorite book or watch a new film. Give yourself the permission to really treat yourself, and take time to treat yourself all year round, not just this Sweet November. 

We leave you with this list of ways to really expand your sense of appreciation. This way, when it is your turn to say what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, you might have a deeper appreciation for what it is that you have gratitude for. 

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