In recent years many new brands have popped up. Online, Instagram, and TikTok shops have come out of nowhere selling products for what looks to be more than reasonable prices. Amazon has made life easier due to selling everything under the sun and getting it to your door in under 36 hours, however a lot of these items are unethical.

"[SHEIN] paid their workers in china 4 cents per item"

Fast fashion is defined as inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. This type of fashion production is commonly unethical due to harsh work environments, unreasonable work hours, and financial compensation that is below acceptable. According to a U.K. documentary, Shein, the fast-fashion retailer, paid their workers in China 4 cents per item. To make matters worse, the average work day was eighteen hours. It is unclear if things have improved at Shein, however this is unforgivable behavior that should not have happened in the first place.

At Lee Newman, we are mindful and particular when assembling our collection of clothing each season. Not only do we want our clientele to have an articulate style, but we want them to feel good about their purchases. When you shop these items, you are assisting in creating a better world. These are the brands you should keep an eye out for at our store.

"this brand is inching toward the mission of preserving our planet"

When shopping for Tommy Bahama, you should check out the fabric tags. Many of this brand's items will mention that they are crafted from Recycled Polyester, proving that this brand is inching toward the mission of preserving our planet. Tory Burch also has some handbags specifically crafted from recycled materials. Denim and Pants by DL1961 and Brax are typically crafted from materials that are recycled as well. Brands such as Naadam usually craft their items from wool, a natural fabric that doesn't bring harm to the environment like other manufactured fabrics do.

Another brand to really keep an eye out for is STANTT. STANTT has a mission of creating one of a kind pieces for clients. Although these dress shirts are not off-the-rack, they are cool item to have - knowing that they have been crafted specifically for you. Ready-To-Wear items are not always great for the environment, but STANTT creates items for your specific body type so not only does it fit you perfectly, but the brand is not cranking out endless size runs that could end up in a landfill.

Stay away from brands that are causing harm to the environment. At Lee Newman, we have plenty of options for you. Make the world safer for the next generation, one shopping bag at a time.

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